Dry Eye Clinic

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For those who don’t suffer from it, dry eye disease seems like a mild thing: occasional discomfort that a few eye drops can solve. But for an unlucky few it can lead to vision changes, constant discomfort, or even corneal ulcers.

A person can have dry eye disease for many reasons. Anything from genetic predisposition, the medications they’re taking, blockage in the glands around the eye, ocular rosacea, or even sleeping with eyes open can be the cause. If you’re looking at taking part in our dry eye clinic, we will determine what is going on and then find the best treatment for you. Sometimes it may mean in-clinic treatments, eye drops, or a mask for overnight.

If you’ve suffered from dry eye disease for a long time an have felt there were no more options to feel better, you’re exactly who we want to see. If you think dry eye disease might be a problem at all, mention it at your next appointment. If you’re curious, talk to us about it! We’re really excited about our new dry eye clinic and eager to tell anyone about it.