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To ensure the best care for your eyes, three important things are required: Initial and ongoing care from your eye doctor, proper fitting and the best type of contact lenses for your particular needs, and an effective and safe lens maintenance system.

We are proud to prescribe contacts from a full range of suppliers. This allows us to suggest the best lens for you without restriction. Let us know if you have any questions about the newest way to correct your vision with contact lenses!

Proper lens maintenance is essential so that your eyes remain healthy! Deposits must be thoroughly removed from lens surfaces so that the eye does not become irritated by the lenses, and to maintain oxygen permeability. In addition, the lenses must be thoroughly sterilized to make certain that you do not get any eye infections while wearing your lenses. Our Optometrists will advise you of the best cleaning and care system.

Contact lens wearers require annual health and contact lens evaluations to maintain optimal comfort, vision and health. If you are an existing patient whose exam was over 1 year ago, we will contact you after you submit this form to book your routine exam before filling this order.

If you are not currently a patient, we encourage you to fill in all fields and we will contact you to arrange the necessary appointments.

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