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It’s the start of the school year, a time both cherished and dreaded by parents and kids! No one wants their kids to be under-prepared! Paying attention in class all day can be difficult for the keenest of kids, but it can be even harder if kids can’t follow along because they can’t distinguish what’s going on at the front of the class, or because reading requires way more concentration than it ought to.

Under OHIP, Ontario kids nineteen and under are eligible for a full eye exam once a year. Which means whether they are four or fourteen, parents don’t have to wonder if their vision is affecting their work! We are also part of the Eye See Eye Learn program, in which eligible kids going into junior-kindergarden might be able to get their first ever glasses from our neighbours Klein Optical for free.

Here at Dr. Michele Martin’s office, we usually recommend coming in before kids start their first year of schooling. (Or earlier, if there are any concerns!). The effort to do well in school has to come from the kids, but we can do our best to be sure they see their future clearly.


Written by Dr. Nicole Prieur

Graduated from University of Waterloo in 2015. Serving in English, French and Spanish, Dr. Prieur has a particular interest in specialty contact lenses and shares our passion for treating dry eye disease. Mentored by Dr. Martin, she has also interned in Florida studying ocular pathology.

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