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When focusing on screens for long periods, we’re giving our eyes quite the workout. Try squatting in a sitting position for that long without a break! Not only that, we tend to blink less when focused on a task. All this leading to strain and eye discomfort.However, there’s an easy fix. Every twenty minutes, look […]

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Back to School

It’s the start of the school year, a time both cherished and dreaded by parents and kids! No one wants their kids to be under-prepared! Paying attention in class all day can be difficult for the keenest of kids, but it can be even harder if kids can’t follow along because they can’t distinguish what’s […]

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! As proud Canadians we get to benefit from world-renowned health care. In Ontario we benefit from OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) and we have all used it at some point. However we have all come across circumstances where it seems to fall short of covering everything. When it comes to eyes, the […]

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Sunny and Sneezy June!

Some people are more sensitive to sunlight than others, and we don’t just mean in regards to tanning! Everyone is susceptible to UV rays damaging their eyes. With sunny times ahead it is important to re-emphasize the importance of sunglasses with UV protection. We could specify how young developing eyes don’t filter UV as well, […]

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